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Division Information

SIDL League Champions Runners-up 2nd Division Champions Runners-up 3rd Division Champions Runners-up 4th Division Champions Runners-up
2002 Undertakers ? Introduced in 2005 as the Johnnie Walker Black Label Division
2003 Ice Blue ?
2004 TUG 1 Ice Blue (t.b.c.)
2005 Undertakers Really Rottens La Na Qua No. 5
2006 Really Rottens TUG 1 Mabuhay Latino’s Dream Team
2007 Mabuhay Latino’s Ice Blue DUI The Big ‘V’ Introduced in 2010 due to record number of teams
2008 Da Vinci’s Mabuhay Darters Psyclos Dream Team
2009 Ice Blue Really Rottens Sheridans Dream Team
2010 ALAYAH Da Vinci’s No Star Where Black Magic Crazy Chicken Dark-Eyed Dharma
2011 Ice Blue ALAYAH Spotted Cow Those Guys Mad Cow The Prixxx
2012/1 Da Vinci’s Ice Blue Black Magic Los Locos Borrachos Team Viet Buhay Na Buhay
2012/2 Ice Blue Mabuhay All-Stars Team Viet Buhay Na Buhay Buddha Bar One Double Two
2013/1 Mabuhay All-Stars Ice Blue Those Guys  Black Magic  MadHouse  Baan Thai
2013/2  Mabuhay All-Stars  Team Viet  Nomads  Alayah  Charmed Assassins  The Prixxx  An Udder Team  Buhay Na Buhay G-Force
2014/1  Mabuhay All-Stars  Those Guys  The Prixxx  Pinoy Patriots  The Vinyls  Buddha Bar
2014/2  IB Team Viet  Pinoy Patriots  The Vinyls  Dirty Harrys  The Tavern  An Udder Team
2015/1  Mabuhay All-Stars  Those Guys  The Tavern  Charmed Assassins  Phattys Phukkers  Toros
2015/2  Mabuhay All-Stars  Those Guys  Toros  Pinoy Patriots  Madhouse  No Star Where

Other Tournaments

Team Knock-out Winners Runners-up
2002 Really Rottens d/k
2003 Ice Blue d/k
2004 TUG 1 d/k
2005 Undertakers TUG 2 Final played at Bottom Line on Nov 22nd. Score 7-1.
2006 TUG 1 Really Rottens Final played at Arena on Dec 5th.
2007 Ice Blue DUI Final played at Vasco’s on Nov 27th. Score 5-2.
2008 Ice Blue Da Vinci’s Final played at Underground on Dec 9th. Score 5-4.
2009 Ice Blue Da Xanh Final played at Catwalk
2010 Da Vinci’s ALAYAH Final played at The Lion Bar on Dec 11th. Score 6-2.
2011 Ice Blue Really Rottens Final played at Red on Dec 6th. Score 6-3.
2012 Mabuhay All-Stars Team Viet Final played at Red on Nov 20th. Score 6-4
2013 Mabuhay All-Stars Ice Blue Final played at Red on Nov 19th. Score 6-1
2014 Pinoy Patriots IB Team Viet Final played at Ice Blue Nov 20th.  Score 6-5
2015 Those Guys The Vinyls Final played at Ice Blue Nov 12th.  Score 6-4
SIDL League Cup Winners Runners-up Introduced in 2007 for teams to play each other during first half of the season before main League Divisional play in second half – dropped from 2012
2007 Ice Blue TUG 1 One league of 15 teams – 14 matches each although one team (Pendalasco) dropped out.
2008 Ice Blue Mabuhay Darters One league of 16 teams – 15 matches each.
2009 Ice Blue Da Vinci’s One league of 16 teams – 15 matches each.
2010 Da Vinci’s Asian Tigers One league of 20 teams – 19 matches each.
2011 Ice Blue Sheridans Two evenly split leagues of 12 teams – 11 matches each, winners of each half played in League Cup Final.
2012 no tournament as league switched format to two seasons a year with promotion and relegation between each division
SIDL World Cup Winners Runners-up
2008 Team America British Lions Inaugural tournament with 2 finalists coming out of two pools
2009 USA America 6 teams competed a round-robin tournament finishing July 28th
2010 England Vietnam 9 teams entered. Final played at Blue Salute on October 17th
2011 USA England 12 teams entered. Final played at The Tavern on July 5th
2012 USA Philippines 16 teams entered. Final played at Red on July 5th.
2013 Philippines All-Star Vietnam 13 teams entered.  Final played at Red on July 16th.
2014 Team Vietnam Team USA 14 teams entered. Final played at Game On July 15th.
2015 Those Pinoy Toreros Team England 14 teams entered. Final played at RED Bar July 28th.